Stirrup-type leg fixing frame DC-MDTJ
Stirrup-type leg fixing frame DC-MDTJ

Stirrup-type leg fixing frame DC-MDTJ

Stirrup-type leg fixing frame DC-MDTJ Introduction:

Stirrup-type leg fixing frame DC-MDTJ is a leg frame used in lithotomy position, which is convenient to fully expose the surgical field and avoid iatrogenic injury.


Scope of use: Applicable departments: general surgery, gynecology, urology. Commonly used in anal, urinary, salpingoscopy and other surgeries.


  1. The stirrup-type advanced pneumatic leg frame is the best positioning method for the lithotomy position
  2. It meets the requirements of various lithotomy positions for the patient’s surgical position.
  3. Reduced the intensity of medical staff
  4. Improve the efficiency and safety of the operation to improve the operation results.


Surgical auxiliary instruments are applicable to:

  • general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery,
  • exocrine surgery,
  • endoscopic surgery,
  • extra-spiritual surgery,
  • orthopedic surgery, etc.

They are devices and instruments used for assisting, fixing and traction of various surgical positions,

which are convenient for doctors to operate, reduce patient complications, and make surgery safer and more efficient.

Product advantages:

  1. Quick installation: The lithotomy position can be adjusted quickly and easily, pneumatically assisted, and operated by one person.
  2. Prevention of compression: The innovative use of the gastrocnemius muscle, the popliteal fossa has no compression foot boot design, the patient’s popliteal fossa, gastrocnemius muscle, nerves around the hip joint, and soft tissues are fully protected to avoid complications.
  3. Precise adjustment: The placement angle can be precisely adjusted and displayed quantitatively.
  4. Protection of sterility: The lithotomy position angle can be reset in the non-sterile area during the operation, and the lithotomy position angle can be adjusted accurately without destroying the sterile area, preventing hyperflexion and extension of the hip joint.
  5.  Compatibility: Compatible with any operating bed.
وزن المنتج 11KG
Cantilever length 1000 mm
Support rod diameter 20 mm
Main handle diameter 16 mm
Small handle diameter 13 mm
Use patient weight <130KG
Cantilever vertical angle adjustment range 110°
Cantilever horizontal angle adjustment range unilateral maximum abduction25°
Leg rest adjustment range 310 mm

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