2022 Top 5 der besten OP-Tisch-Hersteller in den USA

The current operating table manufacturers are very competitive. In order to provide the best products and services, many companies are racing to the top position in this ranking – but not all of them will be able to survive! Learn about the top five table manufacturers in the US, and how their products are leading the way.


What is an Operating Table?

An operating table is a medical device that is used to provide support to the body during medical procedures. It was traditionally used to support the spine during surgery, but it is now also used to support other parts of the body.

There are several different types of operating tables available on the market. Some are individualized, meaning that they can be made to fit each patient’s unique needs. Others are standardized, meaning that they are made to fit a particular type of operation.

TOP1、Shandong Expert Medical Equipment Co., Ltd

  • Shandong Expert Medical Equipment Co., Ltd is a Hi-Tech enterprise and specializes in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing OR & ICU equipment and hospital instrument for worldwide market.
  • With a strong professional R&D team and well-equipped production line and testing facilities, it has become the main drafting unit of national and industry standards. The main products include:LED/Halogen Surgical Operating Light, Operating Table, Medical Pendant, Hospital ICU & nursing bed, and other medical product series, hundreds of varieties and specifications.
  • Through over 15 years development, we have achieved specialized, standardized, and large-scale production processing system and the products has passed the international standard ISO9001/ISO13485/CE/FDA quality system certification.

TOP2、Intuitive Medical

Intuitive Medical is another leading manufacturer of medical devices. Their operating tables are well-made and feature a variety of features that make them perfect for use in hospitals or clinics. These features include height-adjustable armrests, 360-degree rotation, and adjustable bed positions. Intuitive Medical tables also come with a number of safety features, such as fall sensors and automatic closure systems.

TOP3、Thoracic Surgery (TS) Incorporated

Thoracic Surgery (TS) Incorporated is one of the leading manufacturers of operating tables in the US. They have a wide range of products available, including standard and high-end models. Their standard models are affordable and easy to use, while their high-end models offer increased capabilities and performance.

One of the main benefits of using a Thoracic Surgery (TS) Incorporated operating table is that it is stable and reliable. This means that it can be used to perform various surgical procedures with ease.

TOP4、EZ Curtain® Pura-Flex

A company that is well-known for manufacturing medical equipment, EZ Curtain has many tables that feature an innovative design for patients. These tables can be used for both adult and pediatric patients, and their arms are padded for added comfort. They also have automatic arm closure systems and safety sensors such as the “fallsensor” that automatically locks the patient’s arms into place if they fall to the ground during treatment.

TOP5、Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is another leading operating table manufacturer in the United States. They offer a wide range of quality products that are sure to meet your needs.

Their products are durable and reliable, making them perfect for busy hospitals and medical facilities. Their operating tables are also easy to use, making them a favorite among doctors and nurses.

Choose Shandong Expert Medical Equipment Group


  • Der elektrische Operationstisch D1 ist ein neues Produkt, das durch die Aufnahme fortschrittlicherer Technologien im In- und Ausland entwickelt wurde. Der Hauptkörper verwendet 304 Edelstahlmaterial, erfüllt die menschliche Physiologie, verfügt über fünf elektrische Funktionen, bei denen die Rückwand elektrisch auf und ab ist, Trendelenburg und umgekehrte Trendelenburg, linke und rechte Neigung und das allgemeine Anheben des elektrischen Tisches. Dieses Produkt verfügt über alle Funktionen eines integrierten Operationstisches, verfügt aber auch über eine horizontale Bewegungsfunktion, der Tisch kann um 30 cm stark verschoben werden und die Platten bestehen alle aus hochfester Platte, die für die Strahlenbeobachtung sehr praktisch sind.


  • Der elektrohydraulische OP-Tisch D3 I ist ein elektrischer OP-Tisch mit neuem Qualitäts- und Funktionsniveau. Es ist für medizinisches Personal besser geeignet, mit Doppelsteuerungen und Doppeloperationen zu arbeiten. Unter Verwendung der Steuertechnologie des Hydrauliksystems, des stabilen Betriebs und der niedrigen Ausfallrate. Lange Lebensdauer; Der Operationstisch kann über die Handsteuerung und das seitliche Bedienfeld gesteuert werden, um das Heben, Verschieben, Vorwärts- und Rückwärtsneigen, Neigen nach links und rechts sowie das Anheben der Rückseite des Operationstisches zu steuern.


  • Der elektrische OP-Tisch D3 II ist ein elektrischer OP-Tisch mit einem neuen Qualitäts- und Funktionsniveau, speziell entwickelt mit DC 24V-Sicherheitsspannung, Doppelsteuerung, Doppelbetrieb ist besser für medizinisches Personal geeignet. Das Produkt ist einfach zu bedienen, starke Vielseitigkeit, breite Anwendung, ausgezeichnete Technologie, Qualität erreicht das internationale Niveau. Vollständig erfüllen die allgemeine Chirurgie, Herz, Niere, extrakorporalen Kreislauf, Schilddrüse, Kopf und Hals, Gallenblase und Brust, Harnwege, Mastdarm, Gynäkologie, Orthopädie, Wirbelsäule und andere chirurgische Anforderungen.
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