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D2 Electric Operating Table

D2 Electric Operating Table

This customized electric operating table is suitable for surgical operation. It adopts four electric motors,with electric four functions. It is versatile, easy operated and practical.

Learn About Customized Electric Operating Table:

D2 is a general type electric operating table, the main body ismade of 304 stainless steel. The driving mode of all parts is realized by electric push rods. It adopts a well-known brand motor system. The remote control panel is operated by buttons and is equipped with a side pedal. The brake is safe, reliable and stable. It can be used in hospital surgery of head, neck, chest and abdomen, perineum, limbs and other surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, ENT, etc.

Customized Electric Operating Table Anwendung:

Technical parameters (products can be customized as required)
Länge 2050 ± 50 mm Forward ≥19° Lower leg plate ≥90°
Wide width 500 ± 20 mm Backward tilt ≥19° Leg plate outreaching ≤90°
Top table 880 ± 10 mm Folding of head plate ≥50° Waist rise 120±10mm
Minimum table 630 ± 10 mm Lower head plate ≥90° Stromversorgung AC220±10%, 50 Hz
Left ≥16° Backplane folded ≥70° Packaging 1405×725×885mm
Right ≥16° Back panel ≥14°  


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