Elektrischer gynäkologischer Operationstisch
Elektrischer gynäkologischer OP-Tisch D4

Elektrischer gynäkologischer OP-Tisch D4

D4 electric gynecological operating table with Seamless Foaming Mattress considerably improves the comfort for the patient. Whole stainless steel frame gives life duration and easy for hygiene.

Learn about the electric gynecological operating table:

Foot controller is easy to operate.

Unique profile design which is beautiful and elegant.

Whole stainless steel structure

Equipped with hidden sewage basin.

The table adopts high density sponge and is once foam molding, with no seam.

Super mute foot wheel and equipped with brake device.

Armrest swing out ≥90°and can slide horizontally

Structure and Chassis Stainless steel

Electric gynecological operating table Application:

it can be used for delivery, gynecological operation, examination, also include urgent cesarean.

Length 1300±50mm

Breite 600 ± 20 mm

Auxiliary table dimensions 520*490mm

Max Height 950±20mm

Min Height 700±20mm

Reversed Trendelenburg ≥22°

Trendelenburg ≥22°

Backboard folding up ≥65°

Power supply AC220±10%50HZ

Packing Size 1500*840*950mm


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Product Detail Presentation


Medical standard 304 stainless steel frame

Memory Cotton Pad

Antibacterial and easy to clean, waterproof grade IP8

lifting bracket

Jiechang brand, weighing 250KG, lifting 100,000 + test

Control System

Remote controls with clear and simple operating logos

kindey bridge

Equipped with kindey bridge function, manual operated


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