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D5 Gynecological electric operating table(Baby friendly type)

D5 Gynecological electric operating table(Baby friendly type)

The D5 electric operating table(Gynecological baby friendly type) is composed of two parts, the main bed and the auxiliary table. The auxiliary table is movable, flexible and easy to use, which can bring convenience to obstetricians during the operation. It is a comprehensive and multifunctional gynecological operating bed with electrical and manual operation.

Learn about D5 electric operating table(Gynecological baby friendly type)

  • This Bed is designed base on the concept of family accompanying delivery.  The driven and control system use imported motors which are safe, reliable, easy operated and with low noise. Both families and nurses can operate it.Table height is adjustable electrically; the back section upward and downward, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg are electric controlled too.There is filth basin under seat, it is easy to adjust the position of lying-in women and help delivery process by combining use of the leg holder, assistant table.The central brake provides the bed a better stability.
  • This Electric examination table is used for gynecology and obstetrics, urology department etc.
  • Length 2100±50mm
    Breite 600 ± 20 mm
    Max Height 850±10mm
    Min Height 600±10mm
    Backboard folding up ≥75°
    Backboard folding down ≥10°
    Reversed Trendelenburg ≥20°
    Trendelenburg ≥20°
    Arm support abduction ≥90°
    Seat board 390*600mm
    Backboard 780*600mm
    Auxiliary table surface 900*600mm
    Power supply AC220±10%50HZ

Product Detail Presentation


Medical standard 304 stainless steel frame

Memory Cotton Pad

Antibacterial and easy to clean, waterproof grade IP8

lifting bracket

Jiechang brand, weighing 250KG, lifting 100,000 + test

Control System

Remote controls with clear and simple operating logos

kindey bridge

Equipped with kindey bridge function, manual operated


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