Doctor Armrest DC-24A
Doctor Armrest DC-24A

Doctor Armrest DC-24A

Doctor Armrest DC-24A Introduction:

The doctor’s armrest is an adjustable and foldable surgical auxiliary instrument, which is used for various operations, provides elbow support for medical staff, can match different types of operating beds.


Surface treatment process: polishing, sandblasting and electrolysis.

Material: The main body is made of 304 stainless steel, high resilience sponge pad, resin plate.

Application: Used in ENT, plastic surgery, ophthalmology and other operations, providing elbow support for medical staff. It can be matched with different types of operating beds according to the head board jack, and the height of the U-shaped support bar can be adjusted and folded.

Surgical auxiliary instruments are applicable to:

  • general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery,
  • exocrine surgery,
  • endoscopic surgery,
  • extra-spiritual surgery,
  • orthopedic surgery, etc.

They are devices and instruments used for assisting, fixing and traction of various surgical positions,

which are convenient for doctors to operate, reduce patient complications, and make surgery safer and more efficient.


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