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LED4 Petal Luxury single head shadowless lamp

This is a luxurious 4-petal shadowless lamp with superior performance and exquisite design, suitable for use in high-end operating rooms

The petal series surgical shadowless lamp can move up and down, left and right,

to meet the needs of different heights and angles in the operation.The entire

shadowless lamp is composed of multiple high-brightness white LED lamp beads.

Several lamp beads are connected in series to form a group, which is called highbrightness light-emitting diode; when the lamp bead fails, the other lamp beads of

the shadowless lamp can still work normally.

Luxurious 4 petal shadowless lamp parameters:

Modell YCLED5
Die Glühbirne 56
Illuminance(distance 1meter Lux) 160000
Color temperature (K) 4300±500
spot diameter(mm) 100—300
Depth of Focus (mm) ≥1200
Illumination adjusting range (%) 1-100
CRI 97%
Color indication index RA 97%
Temperature rise at surgeon’s head(℃) ≤1
Temperature rise at surgical working are(℃) ≤2
Aktionsradius (mm) ≥2200
Arbeitsradius (mm) 600—1800
Die Versorgungsspannung 220 V ± 22 V 50 Hz ± 1 Hz
Die Eingangsleistung 400 VA
Average service life (H) 60000
Lampenleistung 1W/3V
Optimale Einbauhöhe (mm) 2800—3000
Lamp head diameter (mm) 6750



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