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Neuer Warm Lamp Power Oxygen Cabin Cage (mit Temperaturkontrollversion)

Overall 304 stainless steel material,anti-corrosion,anti-acid rust, cage material thickness 1.2 mm, cage door with diameter 8 mm and diameter 6 mm steel wire composition,pedal grid with diameter 10 mm and diameter 4 mm steel wire composition,connecting plate material thickness 0.8 mm. The bottom moving wheel adopts the high strength medical universal brake wheel.



  1. The overall use of 304 stainless steel material, no rust, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, long-term durability;
  2. The main body is made of 1.0mm thick plate, and the contamination tray is welded with 0.8mm thick plate;
  3. The pet cage door is composed of solid diameter 8mm/6mm stainless steel bars, and the foot net frame is composed of 8mm/4mm diameter stainless steel bars;
  4. The door lock adopts a pull-up design, which is automatically locked, convenient and fast to use, and has good safety performance;
  5. A movable partition is designed in the middle of the lower cage, and the large pet cage can be opened;
  6. The bottom casters are covered with universal mute wheels, all of which are brake brake wheels, which are wear-resistant, mute, easy to move and fix in position;
  7. The pet cage is designed with rounded corners, which is convenient for cleaning, strong overall load-bearing and durable;
  8. Equipped with 1 infusion stand.
  9. Equipped with 4 warm lights, 1 oxygen cabin door, 16-bit power interface, dry and wet temperature display, and leakage protection.
  10. Constant temperature controller, automatic power off when over temperature, safe and reliable.
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