Shoulder surgery fixed frame DC-JBKD-1
Shoulder surgery fixed frame DC-JBKD-1

Shoulder surgery fixed frame DC-JBKD-1

Shoulder surgery fixed frame DC-JBKD-1 Introduction:

Shoulder surgery fixed frame DC-JBKD-1 is an adjustable surgical auxiliary instrument for shoulder surgery.


Material: 304 stainless steel bracket adopts electrolysis process, aluminum-magnesium alloy adopts hard oxidation, imported phenolic resin plate, waterproof and antistatic PU leather, and high resilience sponge pad.

Application: It is used for shoulder surgery, the side rail is easy to install, the left and right shoulders can be disassembled for related surgery, the head rest can be adjusted in a 360-degree universal way, the height can be adjusted by 0-300mm, the back plate and the bed body can be adjusted by imported gas springs, the overall size is 500×550mm, and the transfer trolley is equipped for easy disassembly.

Configuration list:

Multi-function hand-dragging frame for special trolley with neck support

shoulder support

back plate and side rail insertion base (optional)

  • Made with 304 stainless steel
  • Precision CNC machine tool processing
  • Polishing, sandblating, electrolytic and other detailed treatment
  • Exquisite appearance, flexible and convenient adjustment

Product advantages:

  1. Side rails can be installed and connected to various operating beds.
  2. Lateral adjustment: the space of surgical approach is greatly improved.
  3. Light weight, single person can complete the installation and disassembly.
  4. Maintenance-free gas spring power design
  5. Design of large opening of back plate: the total shoulder replacement surgery is highly operable.

Applicable to the following operations: rotator cuff injury repair; SLAP damage repair; Bankart repair; Total shoulder replacement; Clavicle fracture repair; Subacromial decompression; Reverse total shoulder replacement and other operations.



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