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V-förmiger Operationstisch aus Edelstahl für Haustiere

Stainless steel veterinary operating table V-shaped help prevent hypothermia during small animal surgeries. The factory-set temperature offers predictable temperatures.

Learn about Stainless steel veterinary operating table V-shaped:

1, the table is made of 304 stainless steel, oxidation resistance, no rust, corrosion resistance, durable;
2. The height of the operating table is controlled by electric power, with low noise, strong driving force and more stable performance.
3, the operating table before and after two-way tilt ≥45°, are achieved by electric push rod, button operation, safe and reliable;
4. The left and right sides of the operating table can be tilted ≥45° respectively, and the V-shaped position can be formed by mechanical manual manipulation.
5. The middle of the operating table is equipped with a movable sink, which is convenient for the dirt on both sides of the table to flow into the sink;
6. The operating table is equipped with automatic constant temperature function, which can adjust the required temperature between 0 and 42° and is built in High temperature protector, convenient and safe;
7. Configure one infusion rack and one instrument tray
8, equipped with card rope buckle can fix pets, simple, convenient and firm

Stainless steel veterinary operating table V-shaped parameters:

Length 1400mm

Width 650mm

Max Height 1100mm

Min Height 800mm

Neigung nach vorne und hinten ≥45°

Tilt left and right  ≥45°

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