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A3B Cama de UCI eléctrica de siete funciones (tipo de gama alta)

Características del producto:
-The entire bed is weighable, with an error control of 1-3‰;
-Backrest adjustment ≥70°;
-Legrest adjustment ≥40°;
-Head and foot tilt ≥12°;
-European-style four small guardrails with flip structure;
-Deluxe central control casters with a three-stage central locking device (lock, straight, free);
-CPR function;
-One-key seat position;
-One-key special position;
-Bed board made of anti-microbial board, allowing full-body X-ray imaging;
-Two-stage adjustable lower leg board;
-Bed exit alarm function;
-Electric control of bed end functions;
-Locking function for guardrail buttons;
-Equipped with battery, emergency stop switch, and bed bottom illumination light;

Parámetros técnicos:
1.Scientific weighing with an accuracy of 50-100g. The weighing display accurately shows the data when the patient is in any position, with just a touch of a button.
2.Bed frame: Made of high-quality cold-drawn rectangular tubes with dimensions of 60303.0mm, capable of bearing 280KG.
3.Bed surface: Anti-microbial bed board that allows full-body X-ray imaging. It has excellent corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and resistance to various chemical reagents. The backrest is equipped with a film box for X-ray imaging of the patient’s upper body while on the bed.
4.The bed is coated with Akzo Nobel environmentally-friendly antibacterial powder through electrostatic spraying, providing features such as anti-corrosion, rust prevention, and exquisite appearance.
5.The headboard and footboard are made of imported resistant PE resin material, molded in one piece, with surface texture treatment. They are easy to clean and designed with curved lines. The bed end board can be electrically controlled.
6.The new American-style guardrails are made of imported PE material, molded in one piece, and equipped with damping devices to control speed and noise. They are sturdy, durable, quick, and lightweight. The guardrail design meets IEC safety requirements and is aesthetically pleasing and safe.
7.Comes with an extended bed frame, extending the bed board to 2460mm. The lower leg board is adjustable in two stages, providing comfort for the legs.
8.Equipped with high-strength and silent dual-sided casters from Schukra, with a diameter of 125mm. They have a three-stage central locking device (lock, free, directional). The high stability linkage system provides silence, corrosion resistance, strong braking force, and stability.
9.Bed mattress anti-slip devices are located on both sides of the backrest and at the foot of the bed, totaling five positions, to prevent the mattress from slipping and improve safety. There are three fixation points on each side for restraint belts.
10.Manual CPR operation handles are located on both sides of the bed, allowing for quick emergency treatment and reducing medical accidents. There is one drainage hook on each side.
11.Equipped with Jiechang motor with smooth speed control and low noise. It has UL certification, long service life, and is safe and reliable. The guide rod system uses high-carbon steel and high-strength aluminum platform gold assembly, with bidirectional overload protection lead screw.
12.Certified by ISO9001:2015 quality management system and ISO13485:2016 medical device quality management system.

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