Shoulder joint traction DC-JGQY
Shoulder joint traction DC-JGQY

Shoulder joint traction DC-JGQY

Shoulder joint traction DC-JGQY Introduction:

The Shoulder joint traction DC-JGQY shoulder joint traction is a surgical assisted device for shoulder traction surgery design that completes the shoulder mirror surgery by traction arms.


Material: 304 stainless steel brackets adopt electrolytic process, aluminum -magnesium alloy uses hard oxidation, sleeves can be cleaned, can be disinfected, and can be reused.


The traction device of the traction frame completes the traction of the arm, which is convenient for the operation. Mainly used for muscle fracture, elbow and wrist traction, etc. Made of 304 stainless steel and aluminum-magnesium alloy, it has light texture and high strength. The traction frame is safe and stable, weight is added, and the whole height of the lifting traction frame is adjusted by gear. Equipped with mobile cart for easy storage, movement and installation. It can be adapted to any bedside rail of operation.

Surgical auxiliary instruments are applicable to:

  • general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery,
  • exocrine surgery,
  • endoscopic surgery,
  • extra-spiritual surgery,
  • orthopedic surgery, etc.

They are devices and instruments used for assisting, fixing and traction of various surgical positions,

which are convenient for doctors to operate, reduce patient complications, and make surgery safer and more efficient.


Direction high adjustment range 1860mm—2240mm
Length adjustment range 1070mm—1570mm
Angle adjustment range 55°—110°
Rotating angle of traction rack 360°
Equipment itself weight 25kg

Configuration list:

Base transshipment car 1pcs
Traction rack main body 1 juego
Fixed arm sleeve 1pcs
haulage rope 3 piezas
Stainless steel weight One of 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5KG each

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