Torre de anestesia eléctrica de un solo brazo EM-31

Torre de anestesia eléctrica de un solo brazo EM-31

The single arm electric anesthesia tower is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for modern clean operating rooms. The high load-bearing capacity can easily lift and suspend the anesthesia machine to empty the ground. The high-strength cantilever rotates 340 degrees, the brake is anti-drift, and the performance is stable and reliable. Personnel can easily move and lock the position of the carrier according to their needs. The carrier configuration can be equipped with oxygen, suction,nitrous oxide,air and other medical gas terminals and exhaust gas discharge terminals according to the requirements.


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  1. High strength aluminum alloy material, compact structure;
  2. The cantilever rotates 340 degrees, which is easy to use;
  3. Equipped with braking system, stable performance;
  4. The terminal interface can be configured as required;

Parámetros técnicos:

1.Working power supply: AC220V, 50Hz(Optional);

  1. Cross arm working radius: 700-1800mm (Optional);
  2. Horizontal rotation angle: 0~340°;
  3. Net loading: ≤150kg;
  4. Instrument platform: 2 layers (Height adjustable)

Platform size:510㎜*460㎜*25mm

  1. Gas interface:oxygen x2, vacuum aspiration x1,compressed air x1,CO2 x1, exhaust gas x1;
  2. Power socket x10(220V, 10A);
  3. Equipotential ground terminal x2,network interface x1, communication interface x1;
  4. Stainless steel adjustable IV pole x1,syringe pump holder x1,drawer x1;


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