Electric Delivery Bed
D5 Electric Delivery Bed

D5 Electric Delivery Bed

Our range of D5 Electric Delivery Bed are designed to ease the trauma of birth by providing comfort and support throughout the stages of delivery. A selection of accessories increases the comfort of both the mother and nursing staff.
This intergrated bed is designed to reduce childbirth trauma by providing comfort and support throughout the delivery stage.


Learn about D5 Electric Delivery Bed

  • D5 Electric Delivery Bed nursing the lying-in woman through all stages of parturition, including labor, The body of hospital delivery bed is made of high quality steel, which is treated by electrostatic high temperature plastic spraying, beautiful appearance and durable. hospital bed motorised can be easily changed into chair position to protect lying-in women from transfer from one bed to another. hospital bed with remote control is electric controlled height adjustment, tilt adjustment and back section adjustment greatly enhance the work efficiency of the nurses.electric hospital Bed is designed for gynecological surgery for women, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
  • The electric obstetric bed is suitable for use in all stages of puerpera waiting for labor, childbirth, and postpartum recovery, providing sufficient comfort for the puerpera during childbirth
    This obstetric bed is suitable for all stages of delivery, childbirth and postpartum recovery, and provide sufficient comfort for lying-in woman during childbirth
  • Length 20200±50mm
    Width 800±20mm
    Max Height 920±10mm
    Min Height 600±10mm
    Reversed Trendelenburg ≥10°
    Trendelenburg ≥10°
    Panneau arrière rabattable ≥65°
    Leg plate abduction ≤180°
    Power supply AC220±10%50HZ

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