Floor traction frame Q1
Floor traction frame Q1

Floor traction frame Q1

Floor traction frame Q1 Introduction:

The Floor traction frame Q1 is a surgical auxiliary instrument used for the reduction and traction of lower limb bones in orthopedic surgery.


The whole of the traction frame is made of 304 stainless steel. The key angle adjustment parts adopt the face tooth fastening process. The key parts are integrally formed by precision casting. The unique mechanical structure can be used with any type of operating bed.


Seat lift height 850–1100mm
Two-body strut abduction ≥300°
Tractor horizontal displacement ≥550mm
Tractor vertical displacement ≥380mm
Tractor horizontal rotation angle 360°
Tractor vertical rotation angle 360°
Rotation angle of traction shoes 360°
Traction stroke 190mm
Leg support displacement 490mm
Perineal abutment length 230mm
Perineal abutment diameter 80mm

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