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Carrello di emergenza in ABS
C5 ABS emergency trolley

C5 ABS emergency trolley

  • Hospital furniture quality ABS material emergency cart,suitable for hospital ,clinic use.
  • Application: Applicable to transportation and stock for hospital emergency medicine and devices.
  • Cart size:L750×W475×H920 mm


  • ABS emergency cart ABS engineering material,easy to clean, wipe, and disinfected;
  • ABS countertop, avoid to slipping and strong corrosion resistance;
  • Equipped with 5 layers of lock drawers, 2 layers of small drawers,  1 layer of large drawers, suitable for placing medicines, large infusion and other items; the drawer material is ABS engineering material with mute rail;
  • Equipped a stiff box, double dirt barrels, the back side of the cart is equipped with infusion pole, a vibration platform rescue board,  power socket,  wire winding frame,deputy workbench and file box;
  • 4-inch luxurious universal mute wheels, 2 with braker,anti -static, hair -proof hair wound, movement light and flexible;
  • Optional specifications;


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