Pendente per endoscopia elettrica a doppio braccio EM-33

Pendente per endoscopia elettrica a doppio braccio EM-33

Introduzione al prodotto:

The double arm endoscopic tower is a high-capacity equipment specially designed for large operating rooms on the basis of the single-arm endoscopic tower; using the ceiling suspension method, the tower body and high-strength arms can rotate 340 degrees, and the multi-joint configuration brake Brake and drift prevention; tower body is equipped with multi-layer equipment platform and medical gas such as oxygen, negative pressure, air; gas terminal, power supply and network socket, etc., its operation is fast and in place, easy and comfortable.


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  1. High strength aluminum alloy material, compact structure;
  2. The cantilever rotates 340 degrees, which is easy to use;
  3. Equipped with braking system, stable performance;
  4. The terminal interface can be configured as required;
  5. Larger operating radius, each cross arm can rotate independently;

Parametri tecnici:

1.Working power supply: AC220V, 50Hz(Optional);

  1. Cross arm working radius: 700-1800mm (Optional);
  2. Horizontal rotation angle: 0~340°;
  3. Net loading: ≤150kg;
  4. Instrument platform: 2 layers (Height adjustable)

Platform size:590㎜*460㎜*25mm

  1. Gas interface:oxygen x2, vacuum aspiration x2,compressed air x2;
  2. Power socket x7(220V, 10A),Network interface x1;
  3. Equipotential ground terminal x2,network interface x1, communication interface x1;
  4. Stainless steel adjustable IV pole x1,syringe pump holder x1,drawer x1;


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