690 Basic Laptop BW Ultrasound Scanner
690 Basic Laptop BW Ultrasound Scanner

690 Basic Laptop BW Ultrasound Scanner

690 Basic Laptop BW Ultrasound Scanner

Intelligent and light,690 brings more advances to general practice for the benefit of patients. It uses a completely new ARM architecture compared to traditional single-chip microcomputer systems, resulting in faster processing speeds, greater processing power, greater storage capacity, improved security performance, ease of upgrades, and maintenance.

690 offers a wide range of premium technologies and a multi-parameter approach to diagnosis in various applications, especially in cardiac, abdominal, obstetrics, pediatrics, small organs (breast, thyroid, musculoskeletal) peripheral vascular, and transrectal.



690 Basic Laptop BW Ultrasound Scanner Clinical Application
★★★★ Abdomen
★★★ GYN
★★★ OB
★★★ Urology
★★★ Superficial organs
★★ Peripheral Vessel
Main specifications and system overview:
* Operating system: using ARM chip architecture, stable, concise and powerful
* Supports 2 probe sockets for selection of inspection sites
* Display mode: B, B+B, B+M, M, 4B;
* Display screen: 1 inch 1024 *768 resolution HD L ED LCD screen
* System language: Chinese and English
* Bare metal size: 290*301*65mm
* Bare metal weight: 3.3kg

690 Basic Laptop BW Ultrasound Scanner has made a further improvement in convenience and portability based on the B/W system.
Most of the common notebook-style ultrasound equipment on the market has only one probe interface.This time, 690 offers a dual probe interface to greatly enhance work efficiency.
Also, the VGA interface, RS232 interface, and double USB ports are available for more video connection methods and external storage and applications.

On the aspects of portability, the 690 Basic Laptop BW Ultrasound Scanner is extremely thin and light, weighing only 3.3kg. The pull-out case, made of aluminum material, light, and resistant to pressure, is more convenient to carry.

Finally, It is an intelligent portable black and white ultrasound system designed with the constant goal of providing uncompromising performance at an affordable price. 690 will be your best choice if you want more while costing less.


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