Bespoke Halogen Lamp Factory EM-200L

Bespoke Halogen Lamp Factory EM-200L

Product advantages

  • Long service life of LED, up to 60,000 hours without replacement of lamp beads.
  • The imported LED cold light source has no infrared radiation, and the nano-coating radiator creates an excellent heat dissipation effect.
  • Using light-emitting diodes as the light source, no temperature rise, no ultraviolet radiation, no stroboscopic.
  • Perfect shadowless light effect, scientific arc focus design, cleverly avoid the occlusion of the doctor’s head and shoulders, to achieve ideal shadowless effect and super deep lighting.
  • Imported high-performance lamp beads, efficient space layout, and the energy-saving effect is better than other international famous brands under the same illumination.
  • Using two lamp beads with similar color temperature to avoid the dizziness of the surgeon.
  • R9 and R13 are both greater than 90, which helps to clearly distinguish blood vessels and tissues.
  • Using a single 1W lamp bead, the heat generated is relatively small.
  •  Impact resistance, recyclable waste and no mercury pollution.

Applicable scenarios

Stomatology, ENT, ENT, dentistry, surgery, cosmetic surgery, outpatient clinic, debridement and suture, orthopedics, gynecology, ophthalmology



Technical parameters (products can be customized according to requirements)

Illuminance (lux at 1M) 40000
Color temperature K 4300
Spot diameter MM 50
Illumination depth MM 800
Brightness adjustment 1-100
Color rendering index CRI ≥97%
Color reproduction index RA ≥97%
Power supply voltage 220V±22V
Average lamp life ≥60000hours
Bulb power 1W


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