Body fixing belt DC-D-160
Body fixing belt DC-D-160

Body fixing belt DC-D-160

Body fixing belt DC-D-160 Function:

Protect and fix the body, facilitate operation and avoid injury.


600×70 ×10mm

Characteristics of gel surgical position pad

  • Advanced unique gel material is used for one-time molding, and it is designed according to ergonomics, which has good elasticity and can provide lasting support.
  • Suitable for all skin types, the weight is evenly distributed on the gel, and the gel with fluidity can effectively disperse the pressure and provide excellent pressure release.
  • No latex, no allergic reaction, non-conductive, non-flammable, no odor adsorption, x-ray can be cast.
  • Long life and durability.
  • Comfortable posture, firm fixation, no movement, and clear exposure of surgical vision. The operation is convenient.
  • No, heat storage can prevent bedsore.
  • Easy to disinfect, easy to clean, with good flexibility and pressure resistance. It is very suitable for long-term and high-intensity operation.


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