China Anesthesia  Trolley Supplier Expert-C8

China Anesthesia  Trolley Supplier Expert-C8

Anesthesia Cart/Trolley

Integral ABS surface, special concave top design covered with transparent plastic. Model A with four aluminum columns; Model B with four plastic-steel columns. Total with five drawers; two small, two medium and one big, each inner with partitions can be organized freely into different size units.

Accessories: sliding side shelf, dust basket, needle disposable holder(optional), IV pole, defibrillator shelf, C.P.R.board(optional), oxygen tank holder, power outlet & hooks, file holder, centralized lock, stainless steel guard rail, luxurious whist casters etc.



The responsibility and safety of medicines was a constant concern for healthcare professionals. However, the range of medical cart options available today has all but eliminated these issues. An anesthesia cart should be durable to withstand the demands associated with daily use, secure to ensure that medications remain safe and accessible only to authorized personnel, and organized to allow easy identification and rapid retrieval of medications, tools and supplies. Also, in order to have an organized medical cart, there must be enough space to accommodate essential items, while still maintaining easy and quick access.

Most hospitals and healthcare facilities have very little unused space, which means that it is difficult to find room for a bulky and bulky anesthesia cart; therefore, choosing a medical cart with a small footprint that has the capacity to provide additional workspace when needed is ideal. Consider a cart with shelves on the side that can be pulled out to provide that extra workspace or side bins that swivel for extra work space and conveniently reposition the side storage and accessories on the front of the cart.


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