China Ophthalmic Operating Table Suppliers EM-D2(Ophthalmology)

China Ophthalmic Operating Table Suppliers EM-D2(Ophthalmology)

Electric operating table Electric ophthalmology

The electric ophthalmic operating table is a new product developed by our company according to the clinical requirements of the hospital. It is suitable for performing ophthalmic operations and examinations. It is ideal equipment for ophthalmic operations. Its biggest feature is that the bed surface can be reduced to as low as 550mm, which is convenient for doctors to do ophthalmology. Sit-up operation during surgery, optional back-up function. It is realized by the principle of electric push rod, which has the advantages of low noise, reliable performance and convenient operation. Beautiful appearance, light weight, labor-saving, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation, stable operation, etc.




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