China Three Petal LED Surgical Light EM-LED720(Petal type)

China Three Petal LED Surgical Light EM-LED720(Petal type)

Petal series operation shadowless lamp is also a kind of LED, because the lamp head is petal-like, special shape.

The petal series surgical shadowless lamp can move up and down, left and right, to meet the needs of different heights and angles in the operation. The entire shadowless lamp is composed of multiple high-brightness white LED lamp beads.

Several lamp beads are connected in series to form a group, which is called high-brightness light-emitting diode; when the lamp bead fails, the other lamp beads of the shadowless lamp can still work normally.




The flat and streamlined design of the lamp cap greatly reduces the influence of the lamp panel on the laminar flow, and the heat generation is low, which is more in line with the requirements of the full laminar flow operating room.

The lamp beads adopt the German imported brand “OSRAM”, adopt a special optical system, 360° uniformly illuminate the observed object, no shadows, high definition, excellent standard natural white color repeatability, true color, and any color under constant temperature conditions The light intensity is constant, impact resistant, not easily broken, no mercury pollution, and the emitted light does not contain infrared and ultraviolet radiation pollution.

The balancer adopts the German “ONDAL” brand, and its excellent control performance prevents the drift and instability of the lamp arm.

The coating is sprayed with world-leading Akzo Nobel powder coating, and is anti-glare treatment, which meets the stringent requirements of surgical lighting. The lamp head design pays attention to reducing turbulence. The streamlined lampshade of the entire lamp arm is carefully designed according to the principle of aerodynamics, which is fully in line with Modern new operating room standard.

Pure DC power supply eliminates stroboscopic conditions, does not cause eye fatigue, and does not cause harmonic interference to other equipment in the work area, improving work efficiency.


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