China Ultrasound Machine Company Expert-G9

China Ultrasound Machine Company Expert-G9

Compact as a typical laptop computer, Sun-800D 3D ultrasound system incorporates with

the latest biomedical engineering and ultrasonic imaging techniques, delivering superb image quality, outstanding clinical performance and

versatility, user-friendly tutorial workflow, easy affordability, and beyond. It’s surely the right hand of ultrasound professionals anywhere, anytime.


* Embedded computer platform is adopted in the ultrasonic master system


* DFC: Dynamic frequency scanning

* Histogram, Sectionl drawing, Puncture guide

* Save hundreds of thousands of images and cine loop permanently

* Dynamic real-time PIP local zoom functions

* Image/video format: AVI, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, DICOM

* Multiple kinds of OB. measurement reports, fetus physiological grades and repo

fetus growth curve.

* Auto-create report systems of Gyn., small organs, cardiac, urology and other sec

* Compatible of jet printer, laser printer, video printer and video recorder


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