China Ultrasound machine dealer Expert-G13

China Ultrasound machine dealer Expert-G13

High-End Ultrasound Machine

EXPERT Medical’s R & D team lasts three years, integrating the most advanced design concepts and technological innovations to create a T8 all-digital high-performance Color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument. Intelligent operation process, humanized design and thoughtful man-machine interaction as a whole, allows doctors to focus on the patient himself during the clinical diagnosis process.


High-End Ultrasound Machine

Windows 7  Platform

The main new features are unlimited applications, enhanced visual experience(no full aero effect), advanced network support (ad-hoc wireless network and Internet connection support ICS), and Mobility Center.

Subarray Technology

Dedicated high-density probe, using new array design technology and unique sub-array element technology, to make a second cut for independent wafer, which can completely control the entire process of wafer vibration, thereby reducing sidelobe artifacts and enhancing fine tissue resolution the boundary between adjacent strong echo reflectors is sharper and clearer. It fully displays the high resolution image brought by the high-density probe, perfectly presents the image details, and increases the accuracy of clinical diagnosis.

Complete Probe Family

  • Model to meet all ultrasound clinical applications
  • Trans-vaginal probe
  • Convex probe
  • Linear probe
  • Micro-convex probe
  • Phased array probe
  • Trans-rectal probe
  • 4D Volume probe

Micro imaging technology

Micro imaging technology tracks the specific signals of different tissue edges in real time to achieve edge enhancement, monitors each pixel at the same time, optimizes the internal signal of the tissue, and perfectly integrates the edge information and the internal pixel information of the tissue to restore a true, delicate, two-dimensional image with excellent gradation contrast.

Harmonic imaging technology (THI)

Improving image clarity by improving tissue contrast resolution,spatial resolution, and elimination of near-field artifacts. It is mainly used in the diagnosis of cardiovascular and abdominal diseases. Boundary division plays an important role, and this technology has been fully recognized by clinicians. Harmonic technology retains the second harmonic signal to the greatest extent on the basis of removing the fundamental signal, which is more than 30% higher than the signal strength obtained by traditional signal processing, reduce noise and artifacts, and improve the contrast resolution of tissue images.

Speckle noise removal technology

Shooting and extracting noisy ultrasound images from multiple spatial dimensions, and performing point-to-point intelligent recognition of noisy images in each spatial dimension to obtain the organization information of the image; the organization information in each spatial dimension is pixels classification of point region attributes, using local geometry to divide pixels into pulse regions and edge detail regions; according to the classification of pixel points, speckle noise suppression is performed on the noisy tissue information in each spatial dimension to obtain a single-dimensional denoised ultrasound image; a single-dimensional denoised ultrasound image of each spatial dimension is synthesized into an ultrasound denoised image.


EM-T8 Specification


T8 description



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