China Ventilator Exporter Expert-G62

China Ventilator Exporter Expert-G62


1) Acute exacerbation of copd, acute type ii respiratory failure;

2) Acute respiratory failure caused by cardiogenic pulmonary edema;

3) Acute hypercapnia respiratory failure due to thoracic, spinal

diseases, and pulmonary fibrosis;

4) BiPAP is more suitable for patients with obstructive sleep apnea and

respiratory failure;

5) Assistant offline after invasive ventilation treatment;

6) Acute respiratory failure in patients with Jilin-Barre syndrome gbs;

7) BiPAP for adults with respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)

8) Postoperative complications of respiratory failure and chronic bronchial

emphysema, and chronic end-stage disease with respiratory  failure

9) Pneumonia with poor oxygen therapy, CPAP or BiPAP

10) Acute attack of asthma


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