Chinese Film Viewer Wholesale Expert-G6-B

Chinese Film Viewer Wholesale Expert-G6-B

Side-lit LED film viewer

*Acrylic diffusion plate with high transmittance, durable, no deformation, no discoloration
*High efficiency and durable LED light source, the average service life is more than 50000h
*Slim appearance, aviation aluminium profile + ABS structure design, which is good for heat dissipation
*Film sensor function, it will light up while inserting film, it also has the functions of s brightness memory
* PWM digital high frequency dimming technology, it can be adjusted from 1-100% freely, dimming color temperature more stable


Product features and performance:
1. The ZG series adopts a fully digital control method. Compared with the mechanically controlled film viewer, it has more reliable work, more stable performance and longer service life; dimming is more flexible, more convenient and more accurate.
2. The light source adopts high-quality brackets, large-size chips and other tailor-made ultra-bright LED light sources. The real cold light source adopts direct-down side-emitting technology. The light source is arranged with high density to ensure high brightness and high uniformity. Observe The maximum brightness of the screen reaches 4500cd/m2, and the small defects on the negative film with a blackness above 5.0D can be clearly observed, and the uniformity is above 0.9.
3. The material of the observation screen adopts imported acrylic plate and light guide plate, which has light transmittance beyond glass, good diffuse scattering performance, and is durable, does not deform, and does not change color.
4. According to the physiological characteristics of the human eye, the color temperature of the LED is limited to 8000K, which is not dazzling, and the eyes are not easy to fatigue even if viewed for a long time.
5. Using PWM low-voltage digital electronic stemless dimming technology, the brightness can be adjusted in an ultra-wide range of 0-100%, allowing you to adjust as needed.
6. The constant current driving method designed for the film viewer ensures the normal operation of the LED to a greater extent, to achieve the purpose of prolonging the life, energy saving and environmental protection, and further ensuring the safety of users.
7. Auto-sensing: When the film viewer is inserted into the film, the link of the film is automatically lit, and the other parts are in the off state, and the film is automatically extinguished when the film is removed; avoiding the light of the few links without the film from reading the film to the medical staff The impact of time, to ensure the quality of reading.
8. Excellent clamping device: The 70-degree silicone clamping device is used instead of the traditional shrapnel + needle roller device, which is not only durable but also convenient to use. The clamping is quick, and it is not easy to loosen.
9. With a 3-digit digital display panel to display the status of the dimming function, the operation is convenient and intuitive.


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