craniocerebral surgery head frame DC-LTJ-1
craniocerebral surgery head frame DC-LTJ-1

craniocerebral surgery head frame DC-LTJ-1

craniocerebral surgery head frame DC-LTJ-1 Introduction:

The craniocerebral surgery head frame DC-LTJ-1 frame is a neurosurgery instrument that firmly fixes the head in the best position for easy operation.


All parts of the head frame are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy plates, which are purely mechanically processed. The surface is treated with matte hard anodizing, which reduces light reflection, is more wear-resistant, and is easy to clean and disinfect.

The high-precision machining of the machining center makes each component have a high degree of matching and fit, and provides a solid support for the operation as a whole.


Head clamp: U-shaped design, uniform stress transmission, three-point fixation, standard 304 stainless steel skull head nails for adults and children, standard 80lmbs head nail push-in handwheel with scale, quick locking device, saving operation time and simplifying operate.

Universal ball: spherical damping shaft connection (easy for intraoperative fine-tuning), 360° plane rotation, 90° longitudinal rotation, and can be used for lateral decubitus surgery.

The universal ball is made of 304 stainless steel, and the non-obstructive locking handle can be locked at any angle.

Base: The plunger has a variety of sizes, which can be removed and replaced, and can also be customized with non-standard operating beds.

Equipped with polymer gel head support, silver and black colors are optional, soft texture, elasticity close to human skin, can relieve local tissue pressure, reduce nerve compression, and avoid iatrogenic damage.


head frame axis 500 mm
Pole adjustment width 80-600 mm
back and forth movement amount 400 mm
left and right movement amount 450 mm
Up and down lift 800 mm



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