Customized Halogen Lamp Supplier EM-ZF700

Customized Halogen Lamp Supplier EM-ZF700






Main technical parameters of the overall reflection series shadowless lamp

(customized products can be made according to requirements)

Lamp holder model EM-ZF700
Illuminance (lux at 1M) 180000
Color temperature (K) 4300±500
Spot diameter (mm) 100—300
Illumination depth (mm) ≥1200
bright adjustment 1-100
Color Rendering Index CRI ≥97%
Color Reproduction Index RA ≥97%
The temperature rise of the surgeon’s head (℃) ≤1
Temperature rise in the working area of the surgical field (℃) ≤2
Operating radius (mm) ≥2200
Working radius (mm) 600—1800
voltage 220V±22V 50HZ±1HZ
input power 400VA
Average lamp life (h)    ≥1500
Bulb power 150W
Main and sub bulb switching time ≤0.1s
Optimum installation height (mm) 2800—3000


  1. The light bulb adopts the brand “Osram” imported from Germany, with a service life of more than 1500 hours and strong illuminance. The 16cm spot diameter can provide up to 160,000 lux of light intensity.
  2. 340°-360° rotatability, can be precisely positioned in any required position.
  3. An intelligent conversion device is installed in the lamp head. When the main light bulb interrupts the lighting due to a fault, the spare light bulb will light up the spare light bulb within 0.1 seconds to ensure a continuous lighting effect.
  4. Ergonomic detail design, integrated power switch and push-button digital display dimming can be adjusted according to requirem


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