Expert-X Ray Film Viewer (single)
Expert-X Ray Film Viewer (single)

Expert-X Ray Film Viewer (single)

Expert-X Ray Film Viewer (single)

*High efficiency and durable LED light source, the average service life is more than 50000h
*Slim appearance, aviation aluminum profile + ABS structure design, which is good for heat dissipation
*Side-light+ light guidance plate technology, optimize the structure and the whole thickness is only 25mm
*PWM digital high frequency dimming technology, dimming color temperature more stable, natural soft light does not hurt the eyes
*Film sensor function, it will light up while inserting film, each panel could be controlled individually, it also has the functions of brightness memory, delay shutdown

Expert-X Ray Film Viewer (single)

Our LED medical film viewer is new product accordance with industry standards (Technical conditions for medical camera photo observation device)and GB/T19082-2005. Our medical film viewer with all the advanced features currently in global and the most advanced digital electronic technology, super bright LED light source. Our film viewer widely used in various medical inspection industries.

External Size(mm) 480*502*38
Visual Size(mm) 360*422
Max.Power 30W
Light source mode Back light mode


Light Source Super high brightness SMD LED 780PCS/panel;8 000K CT;LED Lifespan of 100 000hours
Electric Parameters Global Voltage Adaptive built-in power;AC90V-240V;50/60Hz
Brightness Setting PWM dimming system;1.77 inch LCD displayer,brightness 0-100 stages adjustable among 0-6000cd/㎡
Clip device Slicone clip device
Mount Type Wall-mounte or bracket
Application Films General film,digital film,breast mamography film
Sensor function Separate control of each panel,automatic sensing function,memory function,delay power off function
Viewing Uniformity ≥90%
Working Environment Room Average Illuminance should no more than 100 lux
Feature High-efficient and durable LED light source technology
Excellent light source arrangement
Imported acrylic plate
High frequency digital PWM technology
High-definition reading experience
 Innovative knob operation and LCD display
Reliable silicone film clip device


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