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Hospital Manual bed A15
Customized Hospital Manual bed-A16

Customized Hospital Manual bed-A16

Hospital Manual bed A15 is an economical double -shaking bed with adjustable back and legs, equipped with aluminum alloy guardrail, which is very widely used in hospital

Learn more about Hospital Manual bed A15:

The bed frame is welded with 80*40*1.5 square tubes, with advanced welding technology, high welding quality, firm bed, and bearing capacity of ≥260kg;

Bed surface: 1.2mm cold-rolled steel plate. Bar design, easy to breathe and anti-slip function.

The bed is made by electrostatic spraying of antibacterial powder imported from Aksu Nobel, which has the functions of environmental protection and antibacterial.

The headboard and the tailboard are made of ABS engineering plastic by one-time injection molding, hanging design, seamless manufacture, stability and reliability, and the tailboard has a patient information card slot on the outside;

Equipped with stainless steel folding handle, the screw rod is made of 45# steel, which is rolled and extruded by a special rolling machine.

Four corners are equipped with infusion stand jacks, (optional) infusion stand.

The legs are equipped with foot flaps, which are wear-resistant and noise-proof.

All-covered aluminum alloy folding guardrail with anti-pinch design. Made of thickened aluminum alloy, it is durable, not easy to deform, corrosion-resistant, smooth, beautiful and easy to clean. (optional)

Hospital manual bed A15 parameters:

Tamanho 2100×900×500mm
Ajuste traseiro 60°±5°
Ajuste de perna 35°±5°
Load bearing ≥260kg


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