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D3-III High-end Electro-hydraulic Operating Table

D3-III High-end Electro-hydraulic Operating Table

D3-II electro hydraulic operating table is designed by experienced engineers and technicians who hold vast expertise in this domain. Offered range is quality tested by the quality analysts who conducts stringent quality check in varied stages of production.

Learn About The D3 II Electro Hydraulic Operating Table:

D3III is an electric operating table with a new level of quality and function.
It is specially designed to use DC 24V safe voltage, and it is more suitable for medical personnel to operate with dual controls and dual operations. The product is easy to operate, has strong versatility, has a wide range of applications, selected materials, fine and excellent craftsmanship, and the quality has reached the international level. Fully meet the requirements of general surgery, heart, kidney, cardiopulmonary bypass, thyroid, head and neck, gallbladder and thoracic cavity, urology, rectum, gynecology, orthopedics, spine and other surgical operations.

D3 II Electro Hydraulic Operating Table Inscrição:

Technical parameters (products can be customized as required)
Comprimento 2180mm Forward tilt ≥30° Lower leg plate ≥90°
Wide width 560 mm Backward tilt ≥30° Leg plate outreaching ≥90°
Top table 930 mm Folding of head plate ≥45° Waist rise 100±10 mm
Minimum table 500 mm Lower head plate ≥90° Table translation 350 mm
Left tilt ≥20° Backplane folded ≥80° Fonte de energia AC220±50 HZ
Right tilt ≥20° Back panel ≥40° Packaging 1460×760×920 mm


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