Ponte suspensa de viga ICU (separação seca e úmida) EM-18

Ponte suspensa de viga ICU (separação seca e úmida) EM-18

Introdução do produto:

The ICU beam-type suspension bridge is used in the ICU ward of the hospital and is an essential medical rescue auxiliary equipment in the modern intensive care unit. It is mainly composed of a bridge frame, a dry section and a wet section. It is characterized by a reasonable dry and wet separation structure, and the wet area configuration is flexible. infusion stand. The dry and wet area is equipped with a lifting and adjusting platform, and the dry and wet area is equipped with oxygen, air, suction, power supply, network output terminal, and infusion pump rack. Various systems can also be selected according to hospital requirements.


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  1. High strength aluminum alloy material, compact structure;
  2. The cantilever rotates 340 degrees, which is easy to use;
  3. Equipped with braking system, stable performance;
  4. The terminal interface can be configured as required;
  5. Dry and wet areas are separated, easy to use;

Parâmetros técnicos:

1.Working power supply: AC220V, 50Hz(Optional);

  1. Horizontal rotation angle: 0~340°;
  2. Net loading: ≤150kg;

4.High-grade trays:dry area x2,wet area x2(Optional);

5.Oxygen: dry area x2,wet area x2

Vacuum aspiration:dry area x2,wet area x2

Compressed air: dry area x2,wet area x2

Infusion stand: dry area x1,wet area x1

Ground terminal:dry area x2,wet area x2

Power socket: dry area x10,wet area x10

Drawer: dry area x1,wet area x1

Network and communication interface: dry area x1,wet area x1

Optional blue exterior


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