Mechanical salt water booster rack DC-JBKD-1
Mechanical salt water booster rack DC-JBKD-1

Mechanical salt water booster rack DC-JBKD-1

Mechanical salt water booster rack DC-JBKD-1 Introduction:

Mechanical salt water booster rack DC-JBKD-1 is a mechanical, simple operation, safe and practical surgical auxiliary instrument, which facilitates efficient and continuous pouring, and reduces the labor level of cruise careers.


Scope of application: suitable for orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, intervention, emergency department and other related surgery.

Product advantages:

  1. Mechanical assistance, making it more convenient to replace the flushing solution.
  2. Simple operation, just lift up the release of the help upgrade button
  3. Clear scaled scale. Inch and cm logo allows users to choose various heights more intuitive and quickly, thereby ensuring that the water pressure in the operation is more sufficient.
  4. Use safety, the bottom of the main body is equipped with a balance block, which is not easy to tilt
  5. Four independent hooks can be hung multiple rinse solution, single hook carrying no less than 12kg
  6. In line with ergonomic design, convenient operation, non -hydraulic principle, non -battery power supply, no need to charge
  7. Simple and convenient maintenance without special needs for cleaning, disinfection, and maintenance.

Surgical auxiliary instruments are applicable to:

  • general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery,
  • exocrine surgery,
  • endoscopic surgery,
  • extra-spiritual surgery,
  • orthopedic surgery, etc.

They are devices and instruments used for assisting, fixing and traction of various surgical positions,

which are convenient for doctors to operate, reduce patient complications, and make surgery safer and more efficient.


Main material Medical grade magnesium aluminum alloy
Product high adjustment range 1651-2565 mm
Maximum weight of a single hook 10kg
Hook can retractable regulating range 30 mm
Five -star foot base diameter (smooth sliding) 600 mm
Flushing tower Main body 1pcs
Base 1pcs
hook up 4 PCS

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