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A3A Seven functons electric ICU bed(Luxury type)

-The total length of the bed is 2200mm (with a hidden extension frame of 150-200mm), and the net width of the bed surface is 810mm (full width 1050mm). The safe load capacity is 250KG.
-The entire bed is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate through one-time stamping.
-The bed undergoes multiple processes of painting.
-The back panel of the bed is X-ray transparent for easy examination. It is embedded with a sponge mattress and covered with a waterproof and easy-to-clean PU cover.

Position adjustment functions include:
backrest adjustment 0-75°;
knee rest adjustment 0-45°;
height adjustment range of 50cm;
head up and foot down tilt 0-20°;
head down and foot up tilt 0-20°;
left and right tilt 0-12°;
one-key cardiac chair position, one-key reset, synchronous linkage;
Bed head and footboard:
-The detachable headboard and footboard are made of polypropylene resin material through integral blow molding.
-The headboard and footboard are equipped with insert fixed devices, which can be easily removed for emergency rescue, special care, and safe patient transfer.
-They are also equipped with anti-collision wheel devices.
Both the headboard and footboard have handle grips designed according to ergonomic principles for easy pushing.

-A new four-piece split-type lifting guardrail that meets the IEC 60601-2-52 standard is installed on the bed surface. It can move along with the bed functions to maximize patient safety. The upper part of the guardrail is designed to be easy to grip and can serve as an assisting bar when the patient stands up. When conducting examinations or treatments, the guardrails can be stored below the bed surface.
-Safety guardrails that cannot be opened when pressure is applied from the inside, and can only be opened when pressure is applied from the outside, effectively preventing patients from opening the guardrails and falling from the bed without authorization.
-Angle indicators are set on both the front and rear guardrails to clearly display the angle of the raised backboard and the tilt angle of the bed.
-The rear guardrail is equipped with a battery power display, which clearly shows the battery power or tilt angle (optional).
-The rear guardrail is equipped with an electric CPR button to enable electric CPR function.
-There are a total of 2 controllers for the entire bed and 2 control units for the guardrails.
Optional weighing function;
Guardrail remote control:
-Large icon touch operation, capable of all positions and functions of the bed.
-Equipped with self-locking function, the guardrail remote control automatically locks when there is no operation to prevent accidental operation.
-Each side of the bed board is equipped with a set of manual CPR devices;
-The four corners of the bed are equipped with infusion rack slots and come with a stainless steel infusion rack;
-The bed is equipped with 150mm dual-sided casters that are corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant, silent, anti-winding, and have central control edge brakes for easy and simple braking;
-Equipped with a standard battery that provides power for position adjustment in case of power failure;

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