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Ecografo doppler T8 4D

T8 Ecografo di fascia alta e ecografo doppler a colori 4D

The systemic application type is mainly used in the diagnosis and research of abdominal and obstetric and gynecological ultrasound. It has the application capabilities of cardiovascular, peripheral blood vessels, obstetrics and gynecology, abdomen, fetal heart, superficial tissues and small organs, intraluminal and puncture interventional ultrasound with powerful 4D analysis functions

* 21.5 inch LED + 13.3 inch touch screen

* WIN7, Intel i5 processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD+1T HDD

* PW, CW, Duplex/Triplex, Directional PD, real time 3D/4D, TDI, Auto IMT, Elastography, Panoramic Imaging, Contrast Imaging, Trapezoid Imaging, Anatomic M Mode, Auto-Adaptive Imaging Processing


Recommended configuration: covex probe+transvaginal probe+linear probe+phased array probe+4D vollume probe

Applications: For Abdominal, OB&GYN ,Cardiac,Urinary, Small Parts, Superficial, Vascular, Pediatrics (neonatal), Emergency, Physical examination

and other aspects of examination and diagnosis









1. Elastography

2. TDI

3. Anatomic M Mode

4. Blood flow M(CM) Mode

5. Auto IMT

6. Panoramic Imaging

7. Trapezoidal , Deflection imaging

8. Spatial compound imaging

9. 4D

10. Free Hand 3D

11. THI & FHI

12. CW

13. Puncture enhancement

14. 23 inch LED display, 13.3 inch touch screen

Sonda convessa Fundamental Frequency: 2.0MHz/2.3MHz/2.5MHz/3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz/4.6MHz/5.0MHz/5.4MHz; Harmonic Frequency: 4.0MHz/4.6MHz/5.0MHz
Sonda lineare Fundamental Frequency: 4.0MHz/4.6MHz/5.0MHz/6.0MHz/7.0MHz/8.0MHz/9.2MHz/10.0MHz/12.0MHz/13.3MHz;

Harmonic Frequency: 8.0MHz/9.2MHz/10.0MHz

Sonda transvaginale Fundamental Frequency: 3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz/5.0MHz/5.4MHz/6.0MHz/7.0MHz/8.0MHz/10.0MHz;

Harmonic Frequency: 6.0MHz/7.0MHz/8.0MHz

Cardiac probe (adult) Fundamental Frequency: 1.7MHz/1.9MHz/2.1MHz/2.5MHz/3.0MHz/3.4MHz/3.8MHz/4.2MHz/5.0MHz;

Harmonic Frequency: 3.4MHz/3.8MHz/4.2MHz

Cardiac probe (pediatric): Fundamental Frequency:

3.0MHz/ 3.5MHz/ 4.0MHz/ 5.0MHz/5.4MHz/6.0MHz/7.0MHz/8.0MHz;

Harmonic Frequency: 6.0MHz

Sonda volumetrica 4D Fundamental Frequency: 2.0MHz/2.5MHz/3.0MHz/3.3MHz/3.7MHz/4.0MHz/5.0MHz/6.0MHz;

Harmonic Frequency: 4.0MHz/5.0MHz/6.0MHz

Sonda microconvessa Fundamental Frequency: 3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz/5.0MHz/5.4MHz/6.0MHz/7.0MHz/8.0MHz;

Harmonic Frequency: 6.0MHz/7.0MHz/8.0MHz

*Packing size: 102*72*154cm

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