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Operating theatre light

Expert Medical Operating Theatre Light Series

  • Better brightness, better light color and lower heat are several benefits that improve the operating room and help the surgical team during surgeries. Advances in medical procedures, such as surgery and endoscopic techniques, also require better medical lighting systems.
  • Each lamp used for surgical purposes must meet certain requirements in terms of luminance, color and other variables. Operating light in most operating rooms is a combination of ambient light surgical lighting.
  • It is imperative that the new surgical lighting system provides optimal illumination and the best environmental conditions for the operating field, such as reduced heat and ease of use.
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EMLED700/500 luxury series of operating lamp, newly added intelligent shadow compensation, lamp head mutual control, unlimited remote control, electric focusing, one-button endoscopic mode and color rendering index R9 red light source and R11 green light source lighting functions. 

Surgical lamps the appearance is light, thin and elegant, Germany imported Osram lamp beads, original Ondal balance arm, a variety of color temperature adjustable, to meet the needs of various operations.


EMLED 700/500 series operating room light is the most cost-effective one. Long service life of LED, reaching 80,000 hours without changing lamp beads, which is 40 times longer than halogen lamp.

An imported LED cold light source is adopted as operation lighting. As a genuine cold light source, there is almost no temperature rise at the doctor’s head or the wound. 

The color rendering is as high as 97%, which increases the color difference between blood and other tissues and organs of the human body. The color temperature can be adjusted, which helps relieve the doctor’s visual fatigue and improve the quality of surgery.

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Specialist in Medical Equipment

It is better to be a good specialist in one business than an average in several industries.
Our medical equipment design and manufacturing team is well aware of the needs of patients and doctors. Therefore, we are confident that we are experts in the medical equipment industry.

Designed and manufactured in China

We are one of the leading high-tech medical equipment manufacturer, and the products are widely distributed in hospitals and clinics around the world and supported by an extensive distributor network.

Quality Medical Equipment manufacturing

All production stages of our products are under strictly control, and each step is subjected to precise and professional quality control and testing. All products have near-perfect performance in medical practice.

One- Stop Medical Equipment Solution Provider

In addition to basic surgical operating equipment and hospital instrument,we also producing and providing medical diagnostic equipment,digital treatment and recovery device and other product series,hundreds of varieties and specifications to meet various of requirement.So we are confidence to be your one-stop medical equipment solution provider.

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Expert Medical Manufacturing,Where 99.9% Satisfaction Starts

Our factory has established over 17 years, is the enterprise professionally manufacturing a wide range of medical equipment. 

It covers an area of over 2,000 square meters, have a full set of production system from researching & developing, materials purchasing, producing, inspection, products packaging and exporting.

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