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  • When choosing an operating table, there are a few key features you should look for in any model. These include convenient access to the patient’s incision site, monitor accessibility, the ability to safely position the patient as needed, and the flexibility to take patient images quickly and easily during surgery.

  • A durable table should be built with a fully sealed column. A full seal prevents fluids such as blood, water, saline, and betaine from entering the box spring and causing long-term damage. A sealed column is also the most hygienic choice.

  • Expert Medical offers you state-of-the-art operating table and operating room table attachments. Help the surgical team to achieve a variety of difficult surgical procedures.
  • Our operating room table pads have national invention patents, which are dedicated to protecting patients and reducing body pressure injuries during long-term surgical procedures.

  • Our operating room table product series includes operating table for back surgery, hip replacement operating table, electric gynecological operating table, spine surgery operating table, etc. As a one-stop manufacturer of medical equipment, we provide you with a full range of product solutions.
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Deeply involved in medical equipment for 17 years, and especially familiar with various operating room equipment. OT table ,OT lamp,OT pendant,medical bed,etc,One stop purchase.

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Regular after-sales return visits. Respond to customer after-sales within 16 hours, and the factory engineer can guide the service online in English throughout the process.

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According to the customer's country and market characteristics, flexibly match a more suitable overall proposal. Provide ODM and OEM services flexibly under the condition of being familiar with the customer's budget.

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R & D, design, documentation, inspection, after-sales and other departments are all available. Not only proficient in the production process but also familiar with the foreign trade process, not only serve skillfull services for large importers, but also assist new importers to grow.

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