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Surgical pendant

Medical Pendant Systems

Expert Medical Surgical Pendant Series

  • The series of medical pendant and suspension bridge equipment are indispensable auxiliary equipment in modern clean operating rooms and ICU wards.
  • They are ideal workstations for medical gases, power supplies, instrument platforms, infusion pump racks, and network output terminals in hospitals.
  • It can rotate within a range of 340 degrees, and is equipped with brakes to prevent drifting, which is easy to operate and easy to use.
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Double Arm Electric Surgical Tower EM-32

The double arm surgical tower is characterized in that it can be operated in a wide range, each joint can be rotated 340 degrees at will, and each joint is equipped with brakes to prevent drift.

It can be easily moved to any area of the operating table according to your needs, easy to use, The operation is simple; the necessary medical gas, power supply, instrument platform, infusion pump stand, and network output terminal are concentrated on the platform function box, which is an ideal auxiliary platform for medical staff.

ICU Pendant (Dry And Wet Separation) EM-18

The ICU beam-type suspension bridge is used in the ICU ward of the hospital and is an essential medical rescue auxiliary equipment in the modern intensive care unit. It is mainly composed of a bridge frame, a dry section and a wet section.

It is characterized by a reasonable dry and wet separation structure, and the wet area configuration is flexible. infusion stand. The dry and wet area is equipped with a lifting and adjusting platform, and the dry and wet area is equipped with oxygen, air, suction, power supply, network output terminal, and infusion pump rack. Various systems can also be selected according to hospital requirements.

Single Arm Anesthesia Pendant EM-31

The single arm electric anesthesia tower is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for modern clean operating rooms. The high load-bearing capacity can easily lift and suspend the anesthesia machine to empty the ground.

The high-strength cantilever rotates 340 degrees, the brake is anti-drift, and the performance is stable and reliable. Personnel can easily move and lock the position of the carrier according to their needs.

OT pendant the carrier configuration can be equipped with oxygen, suction,nitrous oxide,air and other medical gas terminals and exhaust gas discharge terminals according to the requirements.

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Specialist in Medical Equipment

It is better to be a good specialist in one business than an average in several industries.
Our medical equipment design and manufacturing team is well aware of the needs of patients and doctors. Therefore, we are confident that we are experts in the medical equipment industry.

Designed and manufactured in China

We are one of the leading high-tech medical equipment manufacturer, and the products are widely distributed in hospitals and clinics around the world and supported by an extensive distributor network.

Quality Medical Equipment manufacturing

All production stages of our products are under strictly control, and each step is subjected to precise and professional quality control and testing. All products have near-perfect performance in medical practice.

One- Stop Medical Equipment Solution Provider

In addition to basic surgical operating equipment and hospital instrument,we also producing and providing medical diagnostic equipment,digital treatment and recovery device and other product series,hundreds of varieties and specifications to meet various of requirement.So we are confidence to be your one-stop medical equipment solution provider.

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Expert Medical Manufacturing,Where 99.9% Satisfaction Starts

Our factory has established over 17 years, is the enterprise professionally manufacturing a wide range of medical equipment. 

It covers an area of over 2,000 square meters, have a full set of production system from researching & developing, materials purchasing, producing, inspection, products packaging and exporting.

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