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Why Mediland OT Table Accessories Have Been So Popular Till Now?

Operating room tables, also known as operating tables or OT tables, are essential pieces of medical equipment used during surgical procedures. As surgeons need to access and operate on all parts of the patient's body, having a fully functioning and adjustable OT table is crucial. This is where OT table accessories play a vital role.


Mediland OT Table Accessories

Operating room tables, also known as operating tables or OT tables, are essential pieces of medical equipment used during surgical procedures. As surgeons need to access and operate on all parts of the patient’s body, having a fully functioning and adjustable OT table is crucial. This is where OT table accessories play a vital role.

Mediland is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality OT tables and accessories. Their accessories have become extremely popular among hospitals and medical facilities over the years. In this blog post, we’ll explore why Mediland’s OT table accessories have been so well-received in the medical community.

Key Features That Make Mediland Accessories Stand Out

Mediland offers a wide variety of OT table accessories that serve different purposes during surgery. Here are some of the key features that make their accessories well-liked:

Innovative Designs

Mediland is always upgrading its accessory designs to introduce new helpful features for surgical staff. For example, their new orthopedic extension tables come with a hand switch and position scale for more precise adjustments.

High-Grade Materials

The accessories use medical-grade metals and plastics that can withstand regular cleaning, disinfection, and steam sterilization between uses. This ensures durability and safety.


The accessories are specifically designed to be compatible with major OT table models, including Mediland’s own Orion, Vega, and Galaxy tables. Customized accessories are also available.

Ergonomic Usage

Attention is given to the ergonomics and ease of use. Accessories like adjustable arm boards reduce strain for surgical staff during lengthy procedures.

The Most Popular Mediland Accessories

Mediland offers over 100 different accessories, ranging from leg holder systems to anesthetic screens. Here is an overview of some of their best-selling accessories:

Orthopedic Extension Tables

These movable extensions attach to the main OT table to support the patient’s limbs during trauma and orthopedic surgery. They allow the surgical team better access by extending the surface area. Some key types include:

  • Fracture extension tables -Shoulder surgery extensions
  • Automatic leg holders
Extension TableKey Features
Ortho Extension Table CE– Radiolucent carbon fiber construction
– 1150 x 480 mm dimension 
– Easy attachment with clamps
Beach Chair Extension– Struts for arm boards
– Shoulder braces 
– Split leg section

Patient Positioning Systems

Mediland has innovative tilt systems, seats, and strap systems to safely maneuver and restrain patients in precise positions during surgery. This includes:

  • Multi-function patient tilting systems
  • Adjustable head rests
  • Vacuum mattresses and bean bags
  • Restraint straps and arm straps
Patient Positioning AidDetails
Multi-Function 4-Piece Tilt System– Electric remote control 
– Trendelenburg tilt 
– Integrated kidney bridge
Prone Positioning System– Special face pillow
-Abdomen & pelvis cushions
– Arm boards

Surgical Support Rails & Clamps

The rails and clamp accessories allow equipment like booms lights, monitors, and anesthesia machines to be secured around the OT table in optimal positions.

Customized Accessories

For specialty departments like urology, gynecology, and neurology, Mediland engineers accessories suited for procedures in those disciplines. These include cysto tables, lithotomy poles, skull clamps, etc.

Benefits of Using Mediland Accessories

Electro Hydraulic Operating Table

Here are some of the major benefits surgical staff see from equipping their OT tables with Mediland accessories:

Patient safety – Accessories like braces and restraints keep patients stable in specific surgery positions. This prevents injury from falling or sliding during delicate procedures.

Precision – Equipment like orthopedic fracture extensions and skull clamps allow micro-adjustments to target surgical sites accurately.

Efficiency – Thoughtful accessories can vastly improve workflow and save time when positioning patients, prepping equipment, or maneuvering around the table.

Staff Ergonomics – Well-designed accessories reduce strain for surgeons and nurses by bringing equipment directly to the ideal heights and angles needed.

Surgical Access – Unique positioning systems open up the surgical site for staff to operate on hard-to-reach areas. For example, a shoulder chair cleanly exposes the shoulder joint.

BenefitExample Accessory
Patient Safety5-point restraint straps
PrecisionMicrometer X-Y skull clamp system
EfficiencyOverhead equipment booms
Staff ErgonomicsHeight-adjustable Mayo stands
Surgical AccessBeach chair extensions

Conclusion: Mediland OT Table Accessories

In closing, Mediland OT table accessories positively impact the experience of surgical staff while protecting patient safety and outcomes. Thanks to well-designed accessories that anticipate needs in the OR, Mediland tables can be adapted for virtually any specialty or procedure.

As medical technologies continue advancing, we can expect Mediland to be at the forefront of developing helpful and innovative accessories integrated with their sophisticated OT table systems. For operating rooms looking to upgrade, Mediland’s mix of high-quality tables and accessories is a worthwhile long-term equipment investment that pays dividends through more precise, efficient, and successful surgeries.


What are some of the most helpful accessories for orthopedic surgery?

For orthopedic procedures on limbs, fracture table extensions with built-in traction systems are extremely helpful. These provide the exposure, positioning, and micro-adjustments needed for accurate surgery on bones and joints. Overhead radiolucent carbon fiber extensions are ideal because x-ray machines can shoot through them.

Do accessories need special maintenance?

While the sturdy metal and plastic accessories are built to handle regular cleaning and disinfecting, hospitals should follow any maintenance instructions from Mediland. For example, some electronic accessories may require special handling. Proper maintenance maximizes accessory lifespan.

What is the process for ordering customized accessories?

Mediland has an Accessories Customization Form available to submit special requests. Hospital staff can provide details on the types of procedures, patient positions, and desired accessory functions. An engineer will then discuss feasibility and design a customized solution.

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