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580 Portable ultrasound machine

Specification for the 580 ecografos portatil:

A type of high array, high definition, multi-function laptop ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus.

Light and portable, more clearer image, convenient to operate, and powerful electrical power ability supports the machine for consultation in various environment of cities, towns, outdoor.

A variety of charging to ensure the examination consultation under different environments.

12.15 inch LED shows the images with more flexible ways.


First-class digital imaging technology, more clearer image:

  • Full-digital beam imaging technology
  • Real-time dynamic receiving focus point by point
  • Real-time dynamic sound velocity changed
  • High-accuracy DSC Digital image formation technology
  • Intelligentized 8-segment TGC adjustment
  • Progressive SMT components technology to ensure machine reliability

Flexible and convenient operating system:

Backlit keyboard silical gel,more comfortable and wearable,no trouble in using in the darkroom

Intelligentized menu,man-machine diaglogue is easy and quick.

More magnification display, Disease diagnosis more accurate

USB storage is connected outside, more convenient to upload pictures

Large capacity of cine loop,image can display circularly and automatically

Standard confirguration:

3.5Mhz multi frequency convex probe


Ultrasound image workstation

6.5MHz High frequency Trans-vaginal probe

7.5MHz High frequency Liner probe


Aluminum plastic multi-layer package.

Laptop size: 33*29.5*6.5 cm

package size: 47.5*40*21.5 cm

net weight: 4.3kg

gross weight: 8kg

Aluminum plastic multi-layer package:44.5*37*18.5cm, 2.95kg .

The Aluminum plastic multi-layer package is for free, you can choose it or not.


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