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Luxury 5+3 Surgical Operating lamp

This surgical lamp has a beautiful appearance, with multiple LED columns focused on illumination, producing a depth of illumination of over 1200mm. The central illumination can reach up to 160000lux, and it provides an adjustable color temperature of 3500-5000k close to natural sunlight, truly reflecting the color of human tissues, meeting various surgical lighting needs. Adopting LCD display button type control, it can adjust power switch, illumination, color temperature, etc. Each light panel has an independent integrated handle, making it easy to operate

Technical Data

Lamp model YCLED700 YCLED500
Light Quantity 65pcs 42pcs
Illuminance of light source (Lux) 40000–160000 30000–160000
Color temperature (K) 3700–5000k 3700–5000k
Spot Diameter (mm) 160–280 160–280
Focusing depth (cm) 50–180cm 50–180cm
Brightness adjustment range 1-100% 1-100%
Color Restoration Index ) 85-98 85–98
Bead life (h) ≥80000 ≥80000
Temperature rise of the surgeon’s head (℃) ≤1.0 ≤1.0
Power consumption 65 42
The power input AC100-240V  50/60HZ AC100-240V  50/60HZ
Optimum mounting height 2800mm-3000mm 2800mm-3000mm
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