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Stainless Steel Pet Operating Table

The stainless steel pet operating table Ⅱ overall 304 stainless steel material, anti-corrosion, anti-acid and no rust, strong and durable, stable lifting, easy to operate

Learn about Stainless steel pet operating table Ⅱ:

1, table made of 304 stainless steel, oxidation resistance, no main rust, corrosion resistance, durable

2, the height of the operating table is controlled by electric, low noise driving force is more strong, the performance is more stable;

3, the operating table before and after bidirectional tilt >45°, are achieved by telephone push rod, button operation, safe and reliable;

The table is equipped with stainless steel movable mesh frame, which is convenient for pet postoperative disinfection and cleaning;

Pet hooks are set on both sides for convenient binding of national pets

7, the configuration of infusion rack, equipment tray, waste liquid bucket each

Stainless steel pet operating table Ⅱ parameters:

Length 1370mm

Width 600mm

Max Height 1060mm

Min Height 760mm

Tilt forward and backward ≥45°

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