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A34 Manual two function children bed

children’s hospital bed is a child care bed with high-grade ABS plastic injection molding at the head and tail of the bed, cold-rolled sheet on the bed surface, adjustable back and legs, and equiped with silent brake wheels and aluminum alloy guardrail.

Learn about children’s hospital bed A34:

Bed size: bed plate 1770 * 700 (length * width) 1.2mm cold rolled steel plate surface spray treatment

Function: double shake, back adjustment angle range:

The back inclination is ≤ 75 °± 5 °, and the back position can be flexibly adjusted;

Leg adjustment: 45 °± 5 ° can be adjusted according to personal comfort;

Four five inch plastic silent castors, flexible braking, safe and reliable;

Two debris trays and one shoe basin stand are placed below

Foldable telescopic handle, high-precision screw rod, two-way protection, easy operation.

Guardrail: The aluminum alloy guardrail is beautiful and firm, with four button switches and four air springs for lifting and lowering. It is easy to operate, and the height of the guardrail can be adjusted in three levels.

Headboard and tailboard: made of ABS plastic, durable and easy to clean.

Children’s hospital bed A34 parameters:

Product Name hospital kids Bed Product NO. A32
Material Metal Size 1890*900*630/1270(mm)
Leg adjustment 45°±5° Back adjustment ≤75°±5°
Accessories Infusion stand, bed mattress Delivery Time 5-7days


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