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A5 Three function manual bed (Luxury)

3 function electric bed A5 is a three function manual bed, equipped with central control integrated brake, widely used in ICU wards

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Learn about 3 function electric bed A5:

  • The bed frame is welded by 60 * 40 * 1.5 shaped square tube, advanced welding technology, high quality welding, solid bed, and can bear ≥ 260kg;
  • Bed surface: cold rolled steel plate with 1.2 mm. Stamping into concave, multi-hole design, easy to breathe and anti-slip function.
  • Bed electrostatic spray molding process: first oil, pickling, surface adjustment, carbonization, and finally spray drying using Aksu Nobel environmental protection antibacterial powder electrostatic spraying, with anticorrosion and rust prevention, beautiful appearance and other characteristics.
  • Headboard, bed end board using ABS engineering plastic injection molding, hanging design removable convenient, stable and reliable, outside of the tail board patient information card slot;
  • European four small ABS guardrail design, using damper device to control speed and noise, can be hidden under the bed panel and bed frame level.
  • In the configuration, the movable casters are controlled, the high stabilitylinkage system, the brake is stable and convenient, waterproof and dustproof, and the double wheel cake is designed to increase the landing area and increase the stability.
  • Equipped with ABS rocker built-in steel core, hidden design, firm and flexible, no noise, easy to operate, can flexibly adjust the patient’s back, leg position lift.
  • Rocker drive lifting system, no plastic structure, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, long life, add two-way in place without limit protection device, enhance service life and safety performance. Ensure easy use and smooth shaking.
  • Four corners with infusionstand jacks and drainage hook, optional infusion stand.

3 function electric bed A5 Product:

Product model A5
Size 2200×1100×420mm
Overall lifting 480-760mm
Back adjustment 75°±5°
Leg adjustment 30°±5°
Load bearing ≥240 KG


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