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D5 Gynecology and obstetrics integrated bed(High-end type)

D5 Gynecology and obstetrics integrated bed(High-end type)

Our range of D5 Electric Delivery Bed are designed to ease the trauma of birth by providing comfort and support throughout the stages of delivery. A selection of accessories increases the comfort of both the mother and nursing staff.
This intergrated bed is designed to reduce childbirth trauma by providing comfort and support throughout the delivery stage.


This bed is specially designed for the whole process of maternity, childbirth, recovery and so on.Comfortable design allows puerpera to eliminate tension and fear. It can lie flat, back, leg, lift, tilt and other position conversion, so that puerpera can adjust their posture in bed according to their own desire. The lifting and tilting of the bed, the change of the Angle of the backplane and the height of the auxiliary table are all driven by the motor, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the medical staff.

  • Bed length 2310mm±5mm
    Bed width 1002mm±5mm
    Overall lifting 583—930mm±5mm
    Backward tilt


    Backplane folded


    Leg plate lifting 425-612mm±5mm
    Leg plate outreaching


    Leg plate folded



Product Detail Presentation


Medical standard 304 stainless steel frame

Memory Cotton Pad

Antibacterial and easy to clean, waterproof grade IP8

lifting bracket

Jiechang brand, weighing 250KG, lifting 100,000 + test

Control System

Remote controls with clear and simple operating logos

kindey bridge

Equipped with kindey bridge function, manual operated


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