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Manual OT Table PT-2A/2B/2C

3008Manual operating room table head controlled features with integrated multi-function is suitable for various operations conducted by medical unit.

Product Introduction:

This product is used for head, neck, chest, abdominal cavity, perineum and limbs surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, orthopedics and other operations in hospital operating room.

The product has unique advantages:

  1. It is comprehensive, flexible, practical and inexpensive.
  2. Type 2A is mainly made of plastic spray, type 2B chassis cover and protective cover are stainless steel, type 2C chassis cover, protective cover and bed surface are stainless steel.

Technical Parameters:

  1. The width of table bed is 2100 (±20) ×500 (±20) mm
  2. Table height: minimum 800 (±20)mm
  3. Table lifting stroke 200mm
  4. Head plate adjustment ≥±45°-90°
  5. Backplate adjustment ≥±45°-20°
  6. Adjustment of leg plate ≥ 120mm;
  7. Adjustment of leg plate ≥90°


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Product Detail Presentation


Medical standard 304 stainless steel frame

Memory Cotton Pad

Antibacterial and easy to clean, waterproof grade IP8

lifting bracket

Jiechang brand, weighing 250KG, lifting 100,000 + test

Control System

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kindey bridge

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