Electric Double-arm Surgical Tower
Electric Double-arm Surgical Tower EM-32

Electric Double-arm Surgical Tower EM-32

The electric double-arm surgical tower is a workstation for medical gases, power supplies, instrument platforms, infusion pump racks, and network output terminals in hospitals.

Learn about Electric Double-arm Surgical Tower:

The electric double-arm surgical tower has a simple and compact structure and is easy to use. It is an ideal workstation for medical gases, power supplies, instrument platforms, infusion pump racks, and network output terminals in hospitals. It adopts ceiling suspension method and can be rotated within a range of 340 degrees. Dynamic braking and anti-drifting, the height of the equipment makes medical staff within reach and handy, and at the same time, the height can be adjusted up and down according to the height of medical staff under fixed conditions. It is an indispensable medical equipment in modern hospitals.

Electric Double-arm Surgical Tower Application:

The surgical tower is mainly used for terminal switching of medical gas, power supply and placement of various surgical equipment. With the increasing complexity of the construction of the operating room, in addition to the above functions, the tower in the integrated operating room also has the function of providing various video and audio cable channels to maximize the reasonable management of the operating room cables.

1. power supply: AC220V、50Hz;
2. arm range (radius):700-1100 mm( available at hospital request)
3. horizontal rotation angle :0~340°, transverse arm and terminal box can rotate horizontally or simultaneously;
4. net deadweight :≤220 kg
5. instrument platform :2 layer (height adjustable)510㎜460㎜25 mm, round corner anti-collision design
6. drawer :1
7. gas interface configuration (2 oxygen ,2 negative pressure suction ,2 compressed air):

a、 interface color and shape is different, with anti-fault function; b、 plug more than 20,000 times; c、 use secondary seal, with three states (through, break, pull), with gas maintenance;

8. power outlets :10,220 V、10A;
9. equipotential grounding terminal :2; network interface :1, communication interface :1;
10. One stainless steel adjustable conveying rod frame;
11. One stainless steel adjustable pump rack;
12. High strength aluminum alloy profiles are used in the main material;
13. Electrostatic spraying for surface treatment;
14. Top suction mounting, stable and firm.
15. Optional: electric lifting


  1. High strength aluminum alloy material, compact structure;
  2. The cantilever rotates 340 degrees, which is easy to use;
  3. Equipped with braking system, stable performance;
  4. The terminal interface can be configured as required;
  5. Larger operating radius, each cross arm can rotate independently;

Technical Parameters:

1.Working power supply: AC220V, 50Hz(Optional);

  1. Cross arm working radius: 700-1100mm (Optional);
  2. Horizontal rotation angle: 0~340°;
  3. Net loading: ≤150kg;
  4. Instrument platform: 2 layers (Height adjustable)

Platform size:510㎜*460㎜*25mm

  1. Gas interface:oxygen x2, vacuum aspiration x2,compressed air x2;
  2. Power socket x10(220V, 10A);
  3. Equipotential ground terminal x2,network interface x1, communication interface x1;
  4. Stainless steel adjustable IV pole x1,syringe pump holder x1,drawer x1;


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