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LED720 Luxury 3 Petal Shadowless Lamp

medical operating lamp LED720720(LUXURY TYPE) – has a unique fully enclosed streamlined lamp head design, carefully crafted according to the principle of aerodynamics, fully meets the requirements of modern clean laminar flow operating rooms and the needs of high-standard operating rooms, plus flat humanized design, can be used in The operating room with lower ceiling allows doctors to obtain a more comfortable working environment and space.

Medical operating lamp LED720720(LUXURY TYPE) Characteristic:

  • The petal series surgical shadowless lamp can move up and down, left and right, to meet the needs of different heights and angles in the operation.The entire shadowless lamp is composed of multiple high-brightness white LED lamp beads.
  • Several lamp beads are connected in series to form a group, which is called highbrightness light-emitting diode; when the lamp bead fails, the other lamp beads of the shadowless lamp can still work normally

Medical operating lamp LED720720(LUXURY TYPE) Parameter:

  • Light Quantity 51pcs 51pcs
    Illuminance of light source (Lux) 180000 180000
    Color temperature (K) 4300±500 4300±500
    Spot Diameter (mm) 100-300 100-300
    Focusing depth (cm) ≥120 ≥120
    Brightness adjustment range 1-100% 1-100%
    Color Restoration Index (RA) ≥97% ≥97%
    Red reduction index (R9) ≥97% ≥97%
    Bead life (h) ≥100000 ≥100000
    Temperature rise of the surgeon’s head (℃) ≤1.0 ≤1.0
    Temperature rise in operating range (℃) ≤2.0 ≤2.0
    The power input 220V+22VAC,50HZ 220V+22VAC,50HZ
    Optimum mounting height 2800mm-3000mm 2800mm-3000mm


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