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B26 Stainless steel oxygen cylinder trolley

  • Hospital furniture quality 304 stainless steel oxygen cylinder trolley,suitable for oxygen tank transportation for hospital.
  • Application: Applicable to the oxygen tank transportation in hospital,clinic and nursing facility.
  • Trolley size:H1500×W350(mm)
  • Stainless steel oxygen cylinder trolley Made of φ25,1.0mm high -quality 304 stainless steel material;
  • The carrier plate uses 3.0mm high -quality 304 stainless steel plate is welded firmly, the surface is smooth, easy to scrub, and not easy to rust;
  • The weld should be uniform and firm, without defects such as burning, cold cracks, and leakage;
  • The appearance is beautiful, flat, positive, and obvious flaws such as sharp edges and burrs on the surface;
  • Twoφ100mm black miner feet,3 -inch medical plastic bag composition;
  • Loading capacity can reach to 100kg;


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